Dear Born Again Christians worldwide, and especially in hongkong...

If you have felt, these past years, that something is very wrong inside certain churches around the world, you are not alone.

Should you have noticed an escalation in the dictatorial attitude of preachers, increasingly besotted by titles, especially that of “senior pastor”, it’s real.

Perhaps you have wondered why you have to “tithe” 10% of your hard earned income, only to see the money squandered on international travel by certain senior pastors, or building bigger and better bricks and mortar churches, when the local Home Fields are WHITE TO THE HARVEST.

Maybe you are starting to wonder whether hard rock music, with increasingly louder and louder drums and electric guitars, amped up to max, may be drowning out the Still Small Voice of The Holy Spirit.

Could it be that you are being overwhelming entertained by "church"; yet underwhelming fed by The Living Word of Holy Ghost Preaching?

Do you feel increasingly Tempted by the Lost world, and sometimes powerless to resist it?

Have you experienced your God Given, Testimony Supported Calling into Ministry, squashed by a so called “leadership” personality cult at the altar of your local church?

Does decidedly false judgment from your peers appear to be on the rise, amongst Christian brethren, supposed to be your friends, that should be well above petty gossip, murmuring, rumouring and suchlike?

Have you noticed odd sounding doctrines, with contradictory teachings and non-Christian activities emanating from your lead preacher?

Does it at all appear as if man is worshipping man (and woman) at the altar locale in your local Assembly, more and more these days?

Do you feel spiritually weak in being able to fight against satan, with multitudes of Prayers going unanswered?

Have you ended up so far away from that Awesome Faith you had after you were First Baptized and Saved, that the two places are now like the North and South Poles in your Christian Walk?

Have you discovered entire Verses MISSING in your Bible translation version?

Have you found what are clearly serious mistakes, contradictions and overt anomalies in your Bible translation version?

Is the preacher at your local Assembly using the very same English version as you, with these discovered errors?

Should you be able, with a clear conscience, to answer YEA to any or all of the above Observations, or have your own Testimony, of a similar, sadly negative nature, Fear Not, this is happening, and you are not being paranoid, or un-Christian in your heartfelt Spiritual concerns.

The Awesome World of The Church has been invaded by another spirit from AD 1885 into AD 1983 and onwards into now.

HOW ??? You may ask.

The Holy Bible is the Source for ALL Preaching, ALL History and ALL Church Hymns and Songs, since the Scriptures were First Collated into One Cogent Spiritual Place during the First and Second Centuries AD.

Translations from Perfect Copies of the Original Language Versions, gradually appeared in multiple and, by today, most ALL spoken tongues on earth.

Yet, in this Information Age Now, two very different versions have clearly emerged. Two Versions retain Acts 8 : 37, Matthew 18 : 11 and another 14 Complete Verses (including the Verse Number for Identity). ALL OF THE OTHER versions DO NOT.

Most likely, should you be such a person that has answered YEA, earlier, your Assembly is using a bible that DOESN'T contain Acts 8 : 37, Matthew 18 : 11 and the other 14 Verses.

Should this be the case, you can now Know this as a Certainty : It’s NOT just some 16 Whole Verses from the Holy New Testament that have been irreverently REMOVED; it’s also Vast Tracts of OTHER VERSES that are gone altogether, together with serious historical and comprehension errors, even to the point of creating entirely new “meanings” and even new “doctrines”.

THE RESULT? Well, in many cases, ALL of the above complaint observations, and, in many more extreme cases, incidents of gross sexual or financial impropriety by certain preachers that have relied upon these corrupted translations.

THE CONCLUSION : Check this for yourself, and do the Research to be sure.

This can begin via this Document below, plus your own personal observations and experiences.

Once you are Confirmed that this is a Fact, Switch Translation and start learning Holy Scripture ALL OVER AGAIN.

Start Feeding on The Bread of Life. Start eating again from The Fruit of The Tree of Life, remembering that the Leaves of The Tree ARE For The Healing of the Nations.

To fully understand this, in
you can begin here :

i’m Elijah, and DO Pray, In JESUS’ Holy Name, that this E-pistle is a Blessing for ALL that have encountered this Reading herein.

Feel free to drop an Email with your Experiences and Testimony at any time, regarding all of the above, or anything else. Click Below :

Thank you and Maranatha…

Psalm 12 : 6 - 7
The Words of The LORD are PURE WORDS: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, PURIFIED SEVEN TIMES. Thou shalt keep THEM, O LORD, thou shalt Preserve THEM, from this generation FOR EVER.